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The primary purpose of acupuncture is to restore and rejuvenate the health of the patient through the stimulation of specific points throughout the body.

What happens during your acupuncture session?

Stimulating specific points in the body by using needles to penetrate the skin is not only a very effective way to relieve pain – it is also relatively pain free. Many patients don’t feel any discomfort at all.

While the special acupuncture needles do their work, our acupuncturist will also perform a variety of techniques such as acupressure (a traditional form of Chinese pressure point massage), cupping, moxa and herbal medicine.

Managing your body's energy for 100s of years

Acupuncture was developed hundreds of years ago in China and the benefits were soon to be recognized by medical practitioners in Europe and the United States. It regulates the flow of energy in the body, which, if blocked, can cause health problems. Acupuncture helps open up these pathways and thus results in significant pain relief.


Dr. Linda Wang, Ph.D., O.M.D, L.Ac.

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Dr. Lin Ying Wang graduated from Guangzhou Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine China. She was selected in the international Chinese Medical Doctor biography. Dr. Wang has a profound foundation of eastern and western medicine with more than 30 years of experience. Her diagnostic skills and unique combination treatments of acupuncture, and special acupressure technique along side with chinese herbal supplements treated thousands of acute and chronic diseases with remarkable effects. She specializes in stress/anxiety reduction; sleep disturbances, and acute/chronic pain control.

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