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Rapid Release Therapy (TM) is a revolutionary breakthrough in therapeutic technology focused on relief of soft tissue problems affecting nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. RRT was designed at the ground up to operate at a very high frequency with a very small stroke, thus producing fast, lasting results. In addition, this frequency is in a range that is known to relax muscle guarding or spasms. This lightweight, maneuverable Targeted High Speed Vibration device is unique and in it’s own class.

The Science of Resonance

RRT relies upon the science of resonance. Like the piano note vibrating the corresponding guitar string across the room, the target absorbs vibrational energy and oscillates. Same principle as the opera singer who can vibrate a crystal glass across the room until it breaks. RRT operates at a frequency much faster than the fastest competition. Notice the symmetry of high speed compression waves through healthy tissue. Now notice the lack of waves when RRT is put over chronic fibrous tissue. The energy is absorbed by the denser tissue and it begins to vibrate.

Are your Patients Getting the Best Treatment Possible?

RRT is the only targeted, high-speed vibration therapy device in the world. Its high-frequency waves trigger a neurological response known as the tonic vibration response (TVR), which quickly relaxes muscle spasms. The RRT Pro-2’s ergonomic design 2 RRT is unique in these capabilities. RRT saves your hands from the pain and fatigue brought on by Manual Therapy and the ergonomic design makes it easy to self-treat.

• Elicits the Tonic Vibration Reflex.
• RRT is the innovator of Targeted High Speed Vibration Therapy.
• Extremely Versatile.
• Sleek Ergonomic Design.
• 5 Treatment surfaces in one device.
• No cumbersome attachments.
• Lightweight, quiet, and smoothly operating device.
• Easy to treat yourself.
• Multiple Patents Pending.

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